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Current transducers

Current transducers in the ATCR Series consist of a matched and factorycalibrated sensing coil and true-RMS signal conditioner using only two wires to provide power and output signals, while eliminating the need to disconnect existing wires. The devices monitor resistive or inductive loads to detect current usage on large machines using ac current up to 2,000 A.

With a compact 35-mm DIN-rail mount enclosure, the Series installs over bus bar and single or multiple conductors, wrapping around the conductor using little space. The cable connects to a signal conditioner located up to several feet from the conductor to deliver an analog 4 to 20-mA signal proportional to ac current up to 2,000 A. With ranges of 0 to 500 to 0 to 2,000 A and frequencies to 400 Hz, the transducers target ac-current monitoring.

The transducer’s true- RMS conditioner delivers accurate monitoring even on distorted waveforms such as VFD or phase angle-fired SCR outputs.

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