Machine Design

Dc micromotors

High-performance slotless brushless-dc motors for medical applications produce little or no EMI, provide long life, and have low audible noise. The slotless design eliminates magnetic cogging. Stator teeth are completely eliminated by forming and encapsulating the entire stator winding along the inside surface of the back iron, resulting in zero detent torque, low inductance, and fast response rates.

The motors have a maximum speed of 70,000 rpm, a torque rating of 0.3 oz-in (0.002 Nm), and an overall length of 2.00 in. (50.8 mm). The motor has a two-pole permanent- magnet rotor, a three-phase stator, and sensorless commutation.

The motors consist of four pole rotors, three phase stators, and Hall-sensor feedback spaced for 120 electrical degrees.

Standard features include shielded ball bearings, stainless-steel construction, and high-energy neodymium-rotor magnets. Permanent-magnet rotors are balanced for smooth and quiet operation at high speeds.

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