Machine Design

Diaphragm metering pump

The FMM80 solenoid-driven diaphragm metering pump accurately dispenses liquids in adjustable volumes between 30 and 80 –l/stroke. The pump can be driven with single impulses to deliver discrete microvolumes or operated with a pulsed signal at a frequency up to 10Hz to provide continuous flow rates to 48ml/min.

The pump offers more than 500million strokes, uses a noisesuppression system for quietrunning operation, remains flow-tight in both directions with pressures of 14.5 psig at rest, exhibits stability against varying pressure, and sustains high repeatability over the pump’s entire lifetime.

A wide selection of available head materials allows the transfer of all liquids, whether neutral or aggressive, and the pump can mount in any position using either a manifold or tubing. Accessories include pressure-control valves and pulsation dampeners.

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