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Direct-acting pilot valves

Direct-acting pilot valves

Configured as a three-port, subbase mount, A10 and A15 Series pilot valves feature good flow, low-power consumption, and nonlocking manual override. The direct-acting solenoid valves act as a pneumatic interface to link PCs and air-piloted pneumatic or process-control valves.

The 1.5-mm-wide A15 Series comes in 12 and 24 Vdc and features 0.5 Cv flow, 2.5-W power consumption, normally open or normally closed to 100 psi, and electrical entry of lead wire or mini-DIN, including fluorocarbon seals.

The 10-mm-wide A10 Series also comes in 12 and 24 Vdc and features 0.01 Cv flow, 1-W power consumption, and is only available normally closed to 100 psi with a “plug-in” style (axial or perpendicular) electrical entry position with a 15-in. lead wire.

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