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Machine Design

Direct-displacement control pump

The DDC20 is a new, 20-cm3 direct-displacement control (DDC) pump that offers efficiency, low noise, and flexibility for many light-duty applications.

At 183.5 mm, the DDC20 simplifies circuit design and allows for easy installation. Its male slipper design reduces friction on the cylinder block’s piston and bore, which works to reduce oil temperature, improve fuel efficiency, and extend oil life.

The DDC20’s valve-plate design has been optimized to reduce noise to 78.5 dBa while operating at 200 bar, 2,000 rpm. A journal bearing in the trunnion helps to reduce operating vibration and ensure a comfortable human-machine interface.

Available loop flushing and bypass valves promote ease of use and reliability, letting the machine or load be moved without rotating the pump shaft or engine.

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Ames, IA 50011
(515) 239-6000

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