Motion System Design
Dual-range torquemeter

Dual-range torquemeter

MCRT 88700V Series dual-range torquemeters from S. Himmelstein measure low running and high load torque without needing to swap two or more conventional sensors.

• Accurately measure torque even if ratio of peak to average torque is high — as when starting, stopping, or reversing high inertia loads, during torsional oscillations; here, conventional torquemeter must be oversized to avoid damage, a process that greatly reduces accuracy • When peak torques are unknown, reduces risk of damage from unexpected spikes • Low range is 20% of high range; three simultaneous analog outputs individually set to 5 or 10 V at each range full scale • Digital output of torque, and speed and power with option Z, over RS232 serial port

(800) 632-7873 µ

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