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Electric cylinders

The Electric Cylinder Series, designed for harsh/dirty industrial applications, features ground and hard-chrome-plated actuator tubes that house Acme and ball screws. The completely enclosed cylinders are suited for outdoor/off-road industrial applications including military use.

The cylinders feature a direct power source, no hoses, no leaks, a smaller footprint, high repeatability, and precision. Configurations include in-line actuator, direct drive, and right-angle drive.

The ILAs offer no reduction as they are designed to have a motor or gear reducer directly coupled to provide fast, precise operation and/or higher duty cycles. Features include a ½ to 10-ton load-capacity range; are ball-screw actuated; keyed or unkeyed actuator tubes; and standard trunnion-pin mounting for use with servomotors and planetary gear reducers. The DD version has a ½ to 20-ton load-capacity range; ball or Acme-screw actuated; and a worm-gear powertrain. The RAD model is for applications that require reduced rpms to move a lot of weight. It has the same features of the DD with a second stage of worm-gear reduction to provide higher thrust at lower speeds. The reducer and motor can be mounted in eight different positions.

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