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Electric Simulation Table Features 8 Degrees of Freedom

Electric Simulation Table Features 8 Degrees of Freedom

For use in fluid tank tests, Moog has released an 8 DOF (Degrees of Freedom) Electric Simulation table, which features a 2 DOF tilt table for capturing events that require larger angular motions. The system performs dynamic functional tests on fuel tanks with the ability to simulate real-world conditions and can be used for various product development tests. The design utilizes a parallel configuration of six electric actuators to provide a stiff construction that enables accurate control of the motion platform.

The new tilt table, located on top, features two actuators for increased pitch and roll motions up to 30°—the total pitch and roll angles of the test system exceed 50°, allowing manufacturers to avoid the use of a test track when testing prototypes. The test object is mounted on top of the platform and to simulate movement, six accelerometers are mounted on the motion platform. The simulated acceleration signals are then compared with the recorded vehicle accelerations. The table also contains various hydraulic solutions for high frequency durability and fatigue testing.

Moog, 200 Jamison Rd, Elma, New York 14059, (716) 652-2000

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