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End of-arm suction-based ttooling for cobots

piCOBOT for Piab lets cobots work safely and effectively around humans The end-of-arm tooling features vacuum technology thata includes a vacuum pump, gripper, and four ets of suction cups. The standard kit’s four different sets of suction cup models are suitable for a variety of tasks, but customers can also choose from the company’s extensive range of suction cups for more tailored equiopment. Each, piCOBOT is 3.8 to 5.6” wide and has a +/-15 degree tiltable gripper arms that can be fitted with two suction cups. Alternatively, the gripper can be replaced by a single suction cup mount directly on the piCOBOT® pump unit. For optional single or double object picking, dedicated sense valves ensure safe operation regardless of mode.
A compact format and low build height of 2.7” lets it be used in space-restricted areas. The device weighs 18 oz. and the gripper adds another 7.4 oz.. This provides maximum payload capacity for the cobot. It can  lift objects weighing up to 15.5 lbs. The plug-and-play cobot end-of-arm-tool is designed to fit any type of cobot arm.

Piab, (800) 321 7422,

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