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Energy-efficient lighted alarm

The 1 × 1-in. Twin Turbo lighted alarm is a panel-mount piezoelectric audio alert that emits a daylight-viewable bright red light when activated. The audio-alert output measures to 103 dB at 2 ft and is available in seven different tones. The energy efficient, two-terminal alarm operates at various voltages in the 9 to 30-Vdc range while drawing only 50 to 110 mA.

An illuminated enclosure creates a “halo” design that distributes the light and lets it be seen from the side, for a 180º dispersion. Encased in polycarbonate, the front-mount panel indicator is tamperproof, IP68, and creates a NEMA-4X seal when installed.

Floyd Bell Inc.,
20 Dearborn Park Lane
Columbus, OH 43085
(888) 356-9323

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