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ERP Software Helps Maximize Operational Efficiencies

ERP Software Helps Maximize Operational Efficiencies

SYSPRO says its SYSPRO ERP (enterprise resource planning) software enables manufacturers and distributors across a number of industries to “lean and green” their operations. Demonstrations of this platform will take place at the Pacific Design and Manufacturing Show, February 9-11 (Booth 3335), Anaheim, Calif., with discussions focusing on how SYSPRO software facilitates operational efficiency and time-to-market using advanced technologies that minimize risk and significantly boost ROI.

Customer requirements led to a number of software enhancements to SYSPRO. By incorporating industry best practices, customers can leverage competitive positioning in their given markets. The software streamlines information flow to management to hasten decision-making, and drill-down capabilities expand available data resources.

One example of SYSPRO ERP in action comes via Air Industries Corp. (AIC), a manufacturer of bolts, screws, pins and lock-bolts. It integrated the systems more than six years ago, and has seen an approximately 50% improvement in inventory accuracy and the elimination of data duplication, thus saving numerous man hours and reducing data-entry errors.

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