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Expanded metal bellows line

Expanded metal bellows line

Six new miniature edge-welded metal bellows sizes are available from BellowsTech. The smallest size has an OD of 0.358 in.

• Each comes in a round configuration available in stainless steel, high temperature alloys, and titanium • Suitable for oil and gas down hole tools, medical instruments, and automation equipment
• 0036A: 0.358-in. OD and 0.200-in. ID
• 0048A: 0.477-in. OD and 0.198-in. ID
• 0118A: 1.181-in. OD and 0.886-in. ID
• 0195A: 1.950-in. OD and 1.557-in. ID
• 0219A: 2.190-in. OD and 1.690-in. ID
• 0260B: 2.595-in. OD and 2.185-in. ID

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