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Explosionproof I/P transducer

The Type-950XP explosionproof I/P transducer is compliant with ANSI/ISA 12.27.01- 2003 for use with natural gas.

All Type-950 transducers with the natural-gas option will come with the Single Seal marking. The transducers are more compact than dual-seal devices.

The transducer has a built-in volume booster that provides up to 10-scfm airflow capacity to drive large valves, cylinders, and actuators. The unit uses an input signal of 4-to-20 mA and has standard output ranges of 3 to 15 psig, 3 to 27 psig, and 6 to 30 psig with optional field selectable settings. Maximum supply pressure is 100 psig. The transducer is insensitive to position, vibration, supply pressure variation, and RMI/EFI interference.

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