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Motion System Design
Fiber optic slip ring

Fiber optic slip ring

Stainless-steel Prizm Model CK7206 is a seven-channel electro-optical slip ring assembly that runs to 60 rpm with less than 1 dB of variation.

Features & benefits

  • Brush on power and signal rings extends operating life; standardized configuration; no dead spots, bidirectional

  • Attenuation less than 4 dB for any pass; gold alloy brush and ring surface contacts; brushes are self-cleaning, self-lubricating

  • Power Ring version has 20 rings — five sets of four rings; rated for 5,000 V at 20 A

  • Single Ring version has six rings, for three twisted pairs; suitable for 600 V at 10 A maximum; low electrical noise — less than 10 m Ω when revolving

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