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Machine Design

Floating fasteners

PEM fasteners with “float” capability allow easier mating-thread alignment during attachment and promotes design flexibility. Floating fastener styles include captive panel screws (Types PF11MW (with knurled cap) and PF12MW (with smooth cap)) and self-clinching nuts (Types AS, AC, LAS, LAC, A4, and LA4).

The captive panel screws install into metal or nonmetal panels as thick as 0.63 in./1.6 mm, allow subsequent access to an assembly, and compensate for up to 0.060-in./1.52-mm mating hole misalignment. The screws feature anticross threading, which corrects off-angle installations, aligns components, and slides through clogged internal threads. A shoulder on the retainer portion of the fastener helps simplify installation. Thread sizes range from #4-40 through ¼-20 and M3 through M6 and available options include a scratch-proof DuraBlack finish.

Floating self-clinching nuts can be specified with nonlocking or self-locking threads. The nuts provide permanent load-bearing threads in metal sheets as thin as 0.038 in./0.97 mm and permit a minimum of 0.030 in./0.76-mm adjustment for mating hole misalignment. Their unique design allows the fastener’s threads to extend fully into the retainer shank for added strength and support. Thread sizes range from #4-40 through ¼-28 and M3 through M6. Types A4 and LA4 fasteners are designed for use in stainless-steel sheets.

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