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Flying lead solderdown probe

A new flying lead solderdown probe for the U4301A PCI Express 3.0 protocol analysis is available. The U4324A flying lead probe, for capturing 8-GT/sec traces, can be used for bidirectional lane widths as narrow as x2.

The analyzer accepts up to four flying lead probes, offering support for 16 channels. The module’s software lets users remap any available wire on the probe, and it supports bidirectional capability, upstream or downstream, for every channel. It can also map any unused cable to replace a damaged or broken lead.

The probe works with the company’s replaceable N5426A ZIF (zero insertion force) tip kit. Each of the four probe leads can plug into the expendable ZIF tip, which is then soldered to the channel on the device under test. The kit lets users easily replace tips.

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