Machine Design

Fourquadrant servocontroller

The Escon 36/3 EC is a four-quadrant PWM servocontroller for control of brushless-dc motors with Hall sensors up to 100 W. The servocontroller has a fast digital current controller with a large bandwidth for motor current/torque control. Drift-free and dynamic speed behavior allows a speed range of 0 to 150,000 rpm. The unit provides a wide range of functions with fully configurable digital and analog inputs and outputs.

The servocontroller is controlled by an analog set value that can be specified by means of analog voltage, an external or internal potentiometer, a defined value, or by a PWM signal with variable-duty cycle. Additional functions include the ability to enable or disable the power stage depending on the direction of rotation, or to use speed ramps for acceleration and deceleration.

The servocontroller has protective circuits against overcurrent, excess temperature, under and overvoltage, voltage transients, and short circuits in the motor cable. It is equipped with protected digital inputs and outputs and an adjustable current limitation for protecting the motor and the load. Motor current and motor speed can be monitored by the analog output voltage.

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