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Machine Design

Frequency-analysis software

Frequency Analysis Software (FAS) tunes servocontrol systems in the frequency domain. The software, in conjunction with a motion controller, measures the frequency response of the plant to be controlled. It simulates possible control solutions and synthesizes the two to allow for Bode analysis of the closed-loop system.

FAS plots the magnitude versus frequency and phase versus frequency for both the motion controller and the plant. The plant’s frequency response is measured from actual conditions. The controller’s response is based on selected control parameters. The product of the two functions is the system open-loop frequency response.

The software lets designers try various simulations of the controller parameters, such as the PID filter and notch parameters, and combine them with the plant to give the open-loop frequency response. Designers can then determine the best controller parameters to meet phase margin and crossover frequency for a system.

Galil Motion Control Inc.
270 Technology Way
Rocklin, CA 95765
(800) 377-6329

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