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Harmonic gearhead

A harmonic gearhead featuring the latest harmonic, strain-wave gearing technology replaces larger, high-ratio planetary gearheads. The unit features high torque, true zero backlash, and extremely precise positional accuracy.

A gearing-forward design overlaps components, allowing the gears to be integrated into the same plane as the bearing. This narrow, rigid design, combined with a large, rugged, crossed-roller output bearing, handles all combinations of radial, axial, and overturning moment loads.

The gearhead is available with the company’s roller-pinion system (RPS). The gearhead is integrated directly into the pinion without adding any length to the system, resulting in zero backlash from the driving-motor shaft through to the driven load for both linear and rotary motion. The design virtually eliminates cumulative error. The RPS reportedly outperforms traditional rack-and-pinion systems with a roller pinion/rack combination that’s easily adapted to any application. The pinion consists of bearingsupported rollers that engage a tooth profile. Two or more rollers connect with the rack teeth in opposition at all times, eliminating backlash. The RPS rollers approach the tooth face in a tangent path and then smoothly roll down the tooth face. The low-friction design delivers 99% efficiency in converting rotary to linear motion, reducing wear and providing longer service life at high speeds up to 36.1†fps.

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