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High-power brushless-dc drive

High-power brushless-dc drive

The EC 19 brushless drive is designed for high speeds and features low heat development and extremely quiet and low-vibration running. Three performance classes are available:

  • The 60-W EC 19 is equipped with a magnetic circuit designed for speeds up to 80,000 rpm. Maximum continuous torque is 12 mNm and the motor contains no Hall sensors.
  • The 20-W EC 19 is designed for speeds up to 100,000 rpm and delivers a high continuous torque of 24 mNm. Versions with and without Hall sensors.
  • The sterilizable 120-W EC 19 can be sterilized in an autoclave 1,000 times. Maximum permissible speed is 100,000 rpm with 24-mNm continuous torque. It withstands high temperatures and harsh steam cycles, through careful selection of materials and protection of components.

Because the motor’s stator has no slots, there is no cogging torque. This results in excellent control and smooth running.  Together with an optimally balanced rotor, low-noise and low-vibration operation is easily achieved.

The company’s new GP 19 M sterilizable planetary gearhead is for applications requiring input speeds of up to 40,000 rpm. To accommodate these speeds, the toothing and materials have been designed to minimize friction. A key material demand is 1,000 sterilization cycles. The gearhead contains a special shaft seal. Users need not disassemble the drive for sterilization.

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