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High-speed reversing drive

A high-speed reversing drive (HSRvD) uses dual clutches to provide rapid reversing without straining the motor or drive system. The dual-clutch Posidyne eliminates stopping, starting, and accelerating the motor.

The drive’s inputs to the two clutches rotate in opposite directions. The HSRvD is suitable for applications up to 75 hp which require frequent reversing. Several versions are available: Type II HSRvD has one motor rotating in the forward direction, connected through a primary clutch, and a second motor running in a reverse direction, connected through the secondary clutch. Actuating the proper clutch and brake, the reversing is handled within the Posidyne while the motor runs continuously.

The Type I HSRvD has only one input motor. The input to the two clutches rotates in opposite directions by means of a jack shaft through a reversing gear set.

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