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Machine Design

High-torque-density servomotors

The AKM8 Series of servomotors deliver higher torque density to cover the broadest torque/speed range in a housing that is 30% shorter than comparable motors.

The Series are available in eight frame sizes, 28 frame/stack combinations, and 112 standard windings. The AKM8 is available in two standard flange/shaft combinations designed to seamlessly integrate with 80 to 90% of machine builder needs, with no modifications to the customer flange needed. Windings are designed to operate at 230, 400, 480 Vac, eliminating the need for voltage transformation. The motors feature Class F insulation for a temperature rating of 155°C and provide stall torque from 75 to 180 Nm, operating speeds up to 2,500 rpm, and power up to 19.8 kW, with bearing lifetime rated to 20,000 hr.

The Series feature a robust one-piece housing with potted windings for maximum wire isolation and excellent heat dissipation. They are available for low or high speed (to 8,000 rpm) applications, with windings that can be applied to standard global voltages including 75 Vdc, 120, 240, 400 and 480 Vac.

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