Machine Design

Hollow-shaft rotary encoder

A new hollow-shaft version of the company’s MCD rotary encoder makes it easy to mount the device on shafts up to 20 mm in diameter. They have a permanently lubricated steel and brass gear set for trouble-free life.

The encoders come with analog (voltage/current) or digital electrical interfaces. Measurement is based on a rotating magnet and a Hall-effect sensor. There is no contact between components and no loss of accuracy due to wear or surface contamination. A flexible range-setting feature lets the installer “teach” the device the limits of mechanical motion that will be experienced during operation. Once these limits have been defined — which can involve multiple rotations — the device will automatically self-calibrate so the full range of the electrical output will exactly match that of the mechanical movement. The encoders are suitable for applications requiring extended multiturn capabilities (up to 8,192 rev). A self-powered rotation-counter (based on Wiegand wire technology) records the number of rotations — even if these occur when there is no power supplied to the sensor.

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