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Hydrogen Pump Built for Fuel Cells

The TX Series of hydrogen pumps from Ogurua Corp. are well suited for use in fuel cells to recirculate hydrogen. They are made of materials and coatings that resist the corrosive effects of 100% humidified H2. The pumps have wide internal sealing areas between the lobes and housing. A special coating on the lobes can handle the tight clearances between the rotors and housing, making them efficient. In addition, the lobes are hollow and constructed out of aluminum, so expansion between the aluminum lobes and housing is consistent to further maintain structural clearances. Water droplets (or steam) in the H2 stream improve the pumps adiabatic efficiency even more. It also has a positive-pressure cavity that prevents timing-gear oil from  mixing with the hydrogen  Units also have seals which have been proven in the field to maintain high efficiencies in units running many tens of thousands of hours.

Ogura Industrial Corp., (732) A271-7361

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