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Machine Design

Immersion thermostats

The CPO/CPC and SIC/SIO Series of immersion thermostats are used where the temperature-control device must be submerged in water or other liquid or used as an air sensor. They feature a tamperproof, factory-preset, bimetal switch with an operating temperature range of 41 to 500° and a 500-psi pressure rating. The thermostats are completely overmolded in a one-piece brass or stainless-steel probe, providing a moistureproof device for operation in either hot or cold conditions.

For safety limiting applications, a snap-action version is available, which features 22 A at 120 Vac and 16 Vdc at 20 A maximum. Additional features include differentials of 10 to 80°F, and NPT sizes from 1/8 to ¾ in.

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