Indirect heat exchanger

Indirect heat exchanger

The Hydrosafe indirect heat exchanger, for dry-gas seal applications, installs easily because the heating element, vessel, insulation, terminal enclosure, mounting plate, and inlet and outlet connections are combined into a complete assembly.
Gas is heated inside a small-diameter seamless tube or pipe to allow for high system-pressure-capability requirements. When packaged with a the Hydrosafe control panel, the system provides flexible heating capabilities to compensate for changes in gas flow rates, or in gas composition.
The unit’s one-piece, nonwelded design minimizes potential leaks and allows high-pressure operation. A 316L stainless-steel fluid path is independent from the heater sheath prevents fluid contamination and allows sensitive materials to be heated effectively, which ensures safety because heater failure will not cause leaks or significant damage.
Watlow, 12001 Lackland Rd., St. Louis,  MO 63146,  (800) 928-5692,

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