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Large Radial Piston Pump Designed for Open-Circuit Systems

Large Radial Piston Pump Designed for Open-Circuit Systems

The latest in Moog’s RKP series, the RKP 250 is the company’s largest radial piston pump for industrial applications. For displacements up to 250 cm3 per revolution, the pump is capable of delivering continuous pressures up to 350 bar (5000 psi). Designed for use in open-circuit systems, a large suction port and flow-optimized suction path helps ensure robust suction behavior, a high speed limit, and low noise emission. Enabling it for operation in machines at high altitudes without the need for a pre-load pump, the RPK 250 has a maximum speed of 1800 rpm at an inlet pressure of 0.8 bar absolute (11,6 psi abs).

A nine-piston rotary group is incorporated to provide a low pressure ripple and noise emission behavior and the pump is equipped with Moog’s robust control system with sliding stroke ring. The use of ferrous metals with hardened, wear-resistant contact surfaces helps enable longevity. The pump is intended for applications requiring high system pressures including metal forming, presses, and injection molding.

Moog, 200 Jamison Rd, Elma, New York 14059, (716) 652-2000

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