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Lightweight gripper offers long stroke

Lightweight gripper offers long stroke

The LEG 400 is a modular long-stroke electric gripper, which can be used in the metal cutting and automotive industries, as well as for assembly and handling tasks. This lightweight gripper is equipped with a servomotor and features a gripping force to 1,050 N and a variable stroke between 0 and 103 mm. With just one motor, it weighs only 6.5 kg. The LEG gripper can be equipped with a pneumatic and electric drive and users are able to select the desired servomotor.

Robot manufacturers can thus use their own motors and control the gripper with the same set of commands as the robot. In addition, the applicable forces can be measured and controlled with servo-electric drives. If the LEG is operated with a single servomotor, both drive spindles are coupled and the fingers move synchronously. With two motors, the fingers can move to any position in the gripping range independently of each other.

Visit Schunk Inc. for more information.

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