In-line solenoid valve

In-line solenoid valve

New low-cost in-line solenoid valves, the Viking Lite Valve Series, feature a wear-compensating system (WCS) consisting of a spool seal that expands radially under pressure, thus maintaining sealing contact with the valve bore. WSC compensates for wear during usage, extending cycle life and reliability; requires no lubrication; and provides lower pilot pressures for fast response and less wear. The valves operate with standard pressures of up to 145 psig and standard temperatures of 14 to 122°F.  The Series comes in three and four-way two-position single and double solenoids; four-way three-position double-solenoid functions, and 1/8, 1/4, or 3/8 port sizes with a standard 22-pin three-pin DIN solenoid connector.  The valves mount individually or collectively on an IEM bar manifold.
The company also expanded its line of Viking Xtreme Valve Series (solenoid and remote pilot valves) with a three-way, two-position valve. Two versions are available: the Normal and Xtreme Versions.
Parker Hannifin Corp., Pneumatic Div., 8676 E. M89, Box 901, Richland, MI 49083, (269) 629-5000,

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