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Machine Design

Linear drive with adjustable pitch

Model RG linear drives feature a manual pitch control for a 10:1 adjustment of the drive’s linear pitch. Seventeen drive units are available, each having a specific maximum linear pitch (the linear distance the drive will move on the shaft per one revolution of the shaft). Users can turn the pitch control down in 0.01 increments across 100 discrete settings.

The adjustable pitch feature allows a variable-speed drive system to keep the drive motor running at a constant speed without requiring changes or adjustments. Once set, the pitch will remain the same regardless of the drive motor speed.

Where a specific linear pitch range is required, the traverse shaft may be driven via belt and pulley linkage to the main driveshaft. The ratio between the two pulleys establishes the linear pitch range.

The unit’s rolling-ring bearing assembly permits adjustment of the linear pitch. The angle of the bearing assembly relative to the shaft is adjustable via the pitch control. Turning the pitch control changes the bearing angle which changes the drive’s pitch, causing the unit to move faster or slower per one shaft revolution. This effectively changes the linear speed of the drive unit independent of drive-motor speed.

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