Machine Design

Linear-motion system

The new Omega Module linear motion system features a low traveling mass that enables high speeds. The belt drive is fixed to both ends of the main body and looped around the driveshaft of the table part in the shape of the Greek letter “Ω”, reducing the module’s mass and making it highly dynamic. By guiding the module’s table part over ball-rail systems, the unit can achieve a high degree of rigidity for precise movements.

Higher dynamics over longer distances in feed units is possible due to its low traveling mass and fast belt drive. The stationary drive can not only be set up in any position, it can being used as a vertical axis. A pneumatic clamping element maintains the position at standstill and also clamps hanging loads.

The module comes in three sizes. With a stationary main body, users can specify custom lengths up to 5,500…mm and choose frames in widths of 55, 85 or 120…mm. In the largest size, mechanics are designed for input torques up to 154…Nm. The module offers acceleration speeds up to 50…m/sec² and speeds up to 5…m/sec.

Bosch Rexroth Corp.
2315 City Line Rd.
Bethlehem, PA 18017
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