Motion System Design
Linear rail system

Linear rail system

The BGS04 linear rail system from Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions handles high moment loads. Its roll, pitch, and yaw-moment load capability lets it maintain tight accuracy and repeatability, even for applications requiring cantilevered loading.
• A linear actuator drives a 303 stainless-steel precision leadscrew. The leadscrew, coated with Black Ice TFE for permanent wear-resistant dry lubrication, drives an antibacklash nut embedded in a machined aluminum carriage mounted to a stainless-steel ball rail.
• Depending on load requirements, the linear rail is available with either the Size 11 (28-mm) double stack or Size 17 (42-mm) single stack hybrid linear actuator.
• Designed to maintain accuracy while moving heavy loads, the unit’s maximum roll, pitch, and yaw moments are 5.72 lb-ft (7.75 Nm), 4.88 lb-ft (6.60 Nm), and 5.68 lb-ft (7.70 Nm), respectively. Maximum horizontal load is 22 lb (100 N). Leadscrew resolution ranges from 0.025 to 1.00 in. (0.635 to 25.40 mm) per revolution.
• When combined with a 200 step/rev stepper motor, linear positioning resolution is enhanced to 0.000125 to 0.005 in. (0.003 to 0.127 mm) per input pulse. Stroke length is 1 to 18 in. (25 to 460 mm).

For more information, contact Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions • (203) 756-7441.

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