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Load carrier

A linear-bearing-slide load carrier improves the load-carrying efficiency of Uhing traverse drives and prevents them from slipping. The carrier protects the rolling-ring bearings from undue wear, ensuring that weight and radial forces are not transmitted to the shaft-bearing interface.

The load carrier is supported by end supports and guide rails, and rides on linear bearings, letting it accept the full force of any payload attached to the Uhing traverse. The traverse pushes against two yokes, extended down from the load carrier, to move the load linearly. As the yokes are not screwed or bolted to the traverse, no forces are placed on the traverse other than the lateral resistance to movement of the load carrier.

Uhing traverse side-thrust capacity is factory-set by installing the rolling-ring bearings under fixed pressure. The carrier keeps additional pressure and forces off the bearings. The unit’s load-carrier guide rails are perfectly parallel with the Uhing driveshaft, providing smooth linear movement and eliminating the possibility of a cantilevered or off-center load causing the drive to bind or seize.

Three styles are available. Standard Models SLS and L2, for heavy-duty loads, mount on top of the Uhing drive. Model L4 mounts to the back of the Uhing drive and features a load-supporting surface, which extends above the top of the drive by only 1.0 to 2.0 mm.

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