Machine Design
Long-lasting lubricants

Long-lasting lubricants

EcoTain products for the industrial lubricant market protect human, environmental, and ecological health without compromising on performance and efficiency.

EcoTain offers advantages and benefits at four life-cycle steps: sustainable design, responsible process, safe and efficient use, and eco-integration.

The lubricants satisfy performance and sustainability, including products such as nonionic emulsifier Emulsogen MTP 070, which offers emulsion formation and stability, very low foaming, and high lime-soap dispersing power. Additional EcoTain products include Emulsogen emulsifiers, Hostacor corrosion inhibitors, Hostagliss lubricity improvers, Hordaphos EP/AW additives, and the Emulsogen metalworking package. Applications range from water-based, semisynthetic and synthetic metalworking fluids to HFA and HFC fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, as well as metal cleaners and rolling emulsions.

Clariant International Ltd., Rothausstrasse 61, CH-4132 Muttenz, Switzerland,

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