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Low-power d-a converters

The DAC-12100 Series of low-power, 12-bit digital-to-analog converters have TTL/CMOS compatible inputs. The devices have a 100-MHz conversion rate and are suitable for radar, signal reconstruction, waveform generators, and communications equipment.

The converters have a low glitch-energy characteristic of 3.0 pV-s, compared to the industry norm of 100 pV-s, so they generate little switching noise. Complementary current outputs of 0 to –20.48 mA can directly drive 50-Ω loads. Dynamic performance, to Nyquist at fOUT of 2.02 MHz, provides a free dynamic range specification of – 85 dB.

The converters use R/2R resistor networks and segmented switching current cell arrangement to reduce glitch energy. The resistor network is laser trimmed to give it 12-bit linearity to within 0.5 LSB across the transfer curve.

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