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LSR seal gaskets

Liquid-silicone-rubber (LSR) seal gaskets offer long-term life in faucets, water softeners, and toilets. The gaskets are available for both radial and axial applications where temperature variation and resistance to aging are important. Typical LSR properties for grades ASTM DZZ40 durometer is Shore A of 20 to 80 with a tensile strength for ASTM D412 of 1,150 to 1,750 psi. These grades have high heat resistance to 180°C, good flexibility to – 45°C, excellent electrical insulating characteristics, and resist UV radiation and weathering.

Additional advantages include the ability to handle high pressure limits with thinner cross sections; a clean molding process with no material preprocessing needed; minimal flash with very little gate or flash material waste; short repeatable cycle times, and few secondary operations.

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