Motion System Design
Machine vision

Machine vision

In-Sight Explorer 4.5 includes an edge and surface inspection tool, bead width and position tool, and ID tool that reads multiple codes at once.

Features & benefits

  • Allows cameras to read barcodes, provide inspections simultaneously

  • Flexible-flaw detection (FFD) edge and surface tool (for color and grayscale) inspects for boundary defects, such as conformity of shape, and surface defects like stains and scratches; can be used for print inspections ,allows adjustment for accuracy versus speed

  • EasyBuilder user interface tools, Bead Finder and Bead Tracker, find positional defects and width-based defects and gaps

  • ReadIDMax based on ID algorithms 1DMax and 2DMax for 1D barcode and 2D matrix-code reading; reads 128 codes at one time, regardless of code location in field of view

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