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Magnetic Encoder Provies Absolute Position Feedback

Magnetic Encoder Provies Absolute Position Feedback

The new magnetic encoders from Posital  provide absolute position feedback They are available with multi-turn measurement ranges which can be useful when a motor is connected to a screw shaft, cable drum, or gear-reduction system. The multi-turn rotation counter is self-powered, using Posital’s Wiegand energy harvesting technology. The rotation count is always up-to-date, even if the machine has moved while control power was out. No backup batteries are required.  The encoders for stepper motors are “kit” or modular devices, designed to be added into a motor housing and measuring the rotary position directly from the drive shaft. Kit packages are available with the same mounting form factor as popular incremental encoders for NEMA-standard stepper motors. That makes these encoders drop-in replacements for less advanced incremental encoders. The magnetic measurement module is measures 37-mm in diameter and are 23-mm thick. They resist dust, moisture, and shock/vibration loading. Shields are available to protect the measurement module from external magnetic fields. SSI and the more advanced "BiSS C" communication interfaces have been implemented. Both are open-source interfaces compatible with a range of PLC’s and computers.
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