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Motion System Design
Mechatronic safety valves

Mechatronic safety valves

HydraForce valves with an integral sensing option help designs meet EC and other ISO specifications that require machines to sport redundant safety sensors where people could be harmed — including Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Features & benefits

  • Cost-effective alternative to custom designs; common parts approach; Hall Effect sensor

  • Common solenoid valve pole tube and adaptor assembly on the opposite ends of a coupling tube, which contains an elongated plunger: New coupling tube, sensor, and sensor housing for use in valves (10 to 16 sizes)

  • Coupling tube containing the sensing element allows manual override; poppet compensates for overlap — preventing faulty detection in case of leakage

  • Suitable for monitoring lifting and lowering, machine state, multiple steering modes, and dual redundancy operation of hydraulic presses and other equipment

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