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Medical laser optics customized for surgical instruments

A line of OEM quality, fused silica laser optics that can be ordered in custom shapes to fit a wide range of surgical instruments is being introduced by Laser Research Optics of Providence, Rhode Island.

LRO Fused Silica Laser Optics offer excellent transmission from the UV to the IR up to approximately 2.1 microns, with a high degree of purity, and outstanding resistance to thermal shock.  Well suited for use in surgical instruments, fused silica is highly durable and can be fabricated in a variety of custom shapes in sizes from 0.5” to 4.0” O.D. 

Manufactured to specification, LRO Fused Silica Laser Optics have 10-5 scratch-dig surface quality on both faces and have an anti-reflective coating for less than 0.25% reflectance per surface at 1.080 microns.  They can incorporate various mounting edge treatments and be polished to λ/10 or λ/20, as required.

LRO Fused Silica Laser Optics are priced according to configuration and quantity. Price quotations are available upon request. 

For more information contact: 

Laser Research Optics
A Division of Meller Optics, Inc.
Scott Rouillard, Sales Mgr.
120 Corliss St.
Providence, RI 02904
(888) 239-5545  FAX (401) 331-4004
e-mail: [email protected]



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