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Micropump weighs just 18 gm

The Type NMP05 diaphragm micropump, for sampling air and gases, combines high performance with precision miniature packaging to deliver reliable operation for a range of battery-operated equipment applications. The miniature pump measures 17 × 26 × 31 mm and weighs around 18 gm.

The pump features a bolted-on pump head to ensure gas tightness, as well as a molded diaphragm with structured surface for maximum end vacuum and extended lifetime. A variety of brush-type dc motors or premium ironless-core dc and bldc motors with integrated electronics featuring low EMI/RFI can be specified. A valve system promotes low aerodynamic loss and optimized flow. The pump’s oilless operation allows for uncontaminated flow of the pumped medium. The pumps can achieve 450-ml/min flow rates, continuous vacuum to 15.2-in. Hg, and continuous pressure to 2.2 psig.

KNF Neuberger Inc.
2 Black Forest Rd.
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