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Machine Design

Mobile lube system

A new mobile lubrication system provides storage and dispensing of lubricants, cutting oils, bearing oils, hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, and engine oils for plants requiring lubrication maintenance at multiple locations over a large area.

Delivered on a pallet for placement by a forklift anywhere within a plant, the system includes two 50-gallon and two 25-gallon steel containers with PVC sight gages. Air-operated piston pumps on top of each container provide a 5:1 pumping ratio, while filters on the side of each container remove any dirt or small particulates. A ball-valve manifold, attached to the compressor in the center of the system, allows users to turn on one, two, or all four of the pumps at any time. Start-up is quick and easy with the system’s onboard gas-operated air compressor.

At the dispensing end, the system provides retractable hose reels with metered dispensing-control handles that show how much fluid has been dispensed. A large steel toolbox underneath the reels is for storage of tools, greases, rags, etc.

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