Motion System Design
Modular brushless motors

Modular brushless motors

Permanent-magnet motors are driven by an integrated servomotor drive.

Features & benefits

  • 2.95-in. squared high power density motors in three stack lengths; peak torque varies from 22.1 in.-lb (BG75x25), to 44.2 in.-lb (BG75x50), and up to 55.7 in.-lb for largest model (BG75x75); axial lengths are 4.53, 5.51, and 6.50 in.

  • Modular BG75 series available with integral electronic drive, precision position encoder with 4,096 ppr; power electronics provide input voltages from 10 to 50 Vdc and deliver up to 50 A peak

  • BG75x..SI regulates speeds to 1% over a 70 to 4,096 rpm speed range; BG75x..PI positions within 10.5 arcmin; fully programmable BG75x..MI has fieldbus master capabilities and can execute PLC functions

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