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Modular Grooving Tools Offer Internal/External Grooving

Modular Grooving Tools Offer Internal/External Grooving

Deepgroove, a line of blade style tooling, now includes internal face grooving tools in addition to external options. All tools feature recessed pockets and raised edges for chip control during carving. Blades can be used for internal diameters starting at 1.574 in. and will cut as deep as 1 in. Groove widths range from 2 to 6 mm. The modular cutting heads and clamps can be easily reconfigured for different insert sizes and for corner radius options. In addition, inserts are able to part and perform OD/ID grooving for round shanks. While ThinBit provides the option for customized grooving tool geometries, standard inserts are lead angles, top rakes, chip breakers, and clearance angles.

ThinBit, 3620 Centennial Dr., Fort Wayne, IN 46808, (888) THINBIT

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