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Modular valves

Modular valves

The NITRA line now includes the CMV Series of compact modular valves. The valves are enclosed in a reinforced technopolymer protective shell that acts as a shock absorber and helps keeps dirt out. The shell’s smooth, rounded design makes it suitable for applications requiring frequent washing.

All pneumatic connections are on one side, with built-in push-to-connect fittings. The flexible system offers from one to 16 valves, with input and output terminals for tubing of different sizes. A 24-Vdc electrical signal is relayed from one valve to the next by gold-plated contacts so the electrical connections are entirely automatic. Using one inlet end plate and one blind end plate, the valves can be configured in any combination and replaced individually as needed.

CMV valves come in four port size combinations, and three-way/two-position, five-way/two-position and five-way/three-position configurations. Various mounting positions are available that require no additional fittings.

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