Motion System Design
Motor soft starters

Motor soft starters

SR22 series Stellar soft starters are a low-cost motor control alternative, but provide smoother control for less torque, shock, and electrical stress than line starters.

Features & benefits

  • 5 to 40-A sizes, overcurrent protected; two DIN-rail mountable frame sizes — 45 and 55 mm

  • Microprocessor-based starters run from 208 to 460 Vac; configurable, equipped with potentiometers to set start and stop times of up to 30 sec; adjustable start pedestal voltage from 30 to 100%

  • Suitable for conveyors; thyristors control reduced-voltage starting, stopping; switch to internal contacts for efficiency at rated speed; two-year warranty

(800) 633-0405
Circle 170

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