Motion System Design
Multiturn rotary sensors

Multiturn rotary sensors

RMS 2800 Series noncontact sensors combine an angular position sensor with resolution of 0.1° and a rotation counter.

Features & benefits

  • Supply absolute position values and rotational counts up to 16 turns without mechanical gearing, batteries, or optics; use magnetoresistive technology

  • For industrial, material handling, robotic, and drive-by-wire applications

  • Track and permanently store shaft rotation and position when power is lost; upon power restoration, detect new position and automatically calculate difference

  • Position and count information retained without power for years

  • 30-mm diameter, 6-mm shaft diameter, independent linearity to ±0.25%; electrical range to 5,400°, 16-bit resolution; IP54 or IP67 rating

  • Operate from -40° to 85° C; shock to 50 g and vibration to 20 g

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