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Motion System Design

New Products

Linear-motor-driven actuator

The P3 linear-motor-driven actuator is designed with the linear-motor coil integrated into the top assembly plate for optimized thermal conductivity and high stiffness/low cogging for extremely smooth constant-velocity motion even at low speeds.

Features & benefits

  • High speed and acceleration — up to 5 m/sec at 10 g

  • Alternate motor selections for different load requirements; ironless linear motor for zero cogging and smooth motion

  • Integrated cable-handling system; travel lengths to 1 m

  • Two encoder feedback options: Magnetic encoder provides clean quadrature signals for difficult environments from 1 to 5-µm resolution; optical encoder provides resolution at 0.5 and 0.1-µm

Schneeberger Inc.
(781) 271-0140
Circle 160

Miniature drive-belt system

NBK's Excel-A-Belt miniature drive-belt system features an arched tooth profile with zero backlash for quiet and long-lasting operation.

Features & benefits

  • High-accuracy positioning and precise rotation transmission

  • Belt tooth enters and leaves sprocket in a rocking motion, reducing wear and contaminants from belt or tooth abrasion

  • Bore sizes 3 to 25 mm; PDs of 17 to 54 mm come standard for shaft clamping; 3, 4, 6, and 9-mm widths available; suited for use with 10 to 1,000-W motors

The Precision Alliance
(803) 396-5544
Circle 161

Spline shafts with mated bushing

Lightweight aluminum spline shafts, coated with low-friction TFE, are mated with a graphite and PTFE-filled thermoplastic bushing.

Features & benefits

  • Bushing's integral brass collar facilitates mounting without nut distortion

  • Shaft straightness is 0.003 in./ft; typical radial and torsional clearance between shaft and bushing is 0.002 to 0.003 in.

  • Antibacklash assembly available for additional stiffness

Nordex Inc.
(203) 775-4877
Circle 162

Cable carrier system

Marathon carrier system is suitable for applications with long travels and high accelerations where high tow forces are a problem; system can reduce tow force by 90%.

Features & benefits

  • Rollers support carrier throughout entire travel; guide trough is replaced with cost effective, easy-to-install rail guidance system

  • Carrier does not sag or contact itself, and cannot contact guide trough rails; rollers prevent misalignment and have high duty capacity due to even rolling surface

  • Travels to 2,000 m; velocities to 5 m/sec

A&A Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Gortrac Division
(800) 394-1547
Circle 163

Control system

The Power PMAC controller is a general purpose, full-fledged computing engine with a real-time, multitasking operating system.

Features & benefits

  • Embedded with motion and machine control-programming environment

  • Uses built-in motion and PLC algorithms or custom software written in C or C++

  • Complete motion and I/O solution; integrates a PC in controller rack, allowing operation of a hard disk, video card, and keyboard

  • Built-in web server allows remote communication

  • Embedded processor provides required resolution and range for virtually any motion control application

Delta Tau Data Systems
(818) 998-2095
Circle 164

Heavy-duty pneumatic thruster

The T4 thruster offers the smooth actuation of original T Series thrusters.

Features & benefits

  • Four guide shafts achieve doubled capacity and reduced deflection compared to standard designs

  • 2, 2.5, and 3-in. bore sizes available; stroke lengths in 1 to 12-in. increments, to 36 in.

  • Options include internal and external bumpers, air cushions, magnetic position sensing

Bimba Manufacturing Co.
(708) 534-8544
Circle 165

Linear position sensors

Temposonics linear-position sensors can generate up to 20 simultaneous position outputs along a given sensing element, making them a cost-effective replacement for traditional proximity sensors.

Features & benefits

  • Magnetostrictive sensors, suitable for multiple-magnet applications, are capable of stroke ranges greater than 5,000 mm; can provide resolution as small as 1 µm

  • Sonic wave sensing devices use a high-resolution clock to determine accurate absolute position between fixed point and moving magnet; one return signal created for each magnet; if magnets are added, there is an additional signal generated for each magnet from the single interrogation pulse

  • R-Series are smart sensors for fast, synchronized position control; G-Series are programmable sensors with built-in diagnostics for applications needing analog, start/stop, and PWM outputs; E-Series are designed for applications requiring simple position feedback

MTS Systems Corp.
Sensors Division
(919) 677-0100
Circle 166

Anti-backlash leadscrew

Kerk 0.5-in. WDG Series leadscrew and nut assembly is compact and designed for precise positioning.

Features & benefits

  • Permits design of more compact mechanical assemblies without sacrificing stroke length

  • Diameters from 3/16 to ½ in. and wide range of leads

  • Patented wedge design that locks the nut at the correct preload without causing excessive friction

HaydonKerk Motion Solutions
(800) 243-2715
Circle 167

tamperproof thermostats

Compact FTO11 and FTD011 Series tamperproof thermostats come with a fixed set point and are DIN-rail mountable.

Features & benefits

  • Color-coded modules: Red for normally closed models (thermostat opens at temperature rise), blue for normally open models (thermostat closes at temperature rise)

  • Several different fixed temperature set points available

  • Units come with two thermostats: one normally closed and one normally open, or two normally open

Omega Engineering Inc.
(203) 359-1660
Circle 168

Ribbon cables

Silicone-jacketed ribbon cables are suited for electronics applications requiring greater flexibility and environmental capabilities than those offered by PVC-jacketed cables.

Features & benefits

  • Operate in temperatures from -65° to 260° F

  • Submersible cable resists acids, alcohol, oil, ozone, steam, and radiation; outgassing specifications meet NASA rating for space applications

  • 42 AWG base strands provide extreme flexibility with a minimum bend radius of just 0.4 in.

Cicoil Corp.
(661) 295-1295
Circle 169

Compact servo drives

Space-saving R7D-B Series reduce the complexity of applying servo drives and achieve faster startup and more reliable operation in a smaller, lower cost package.

Features & benefits

  • Measure just 120 × 35 × 105 mm; reduces control panel space requirements and leaves room for other controls on same rail

  • Simple auto-tuning eliminates complicated adjustments; torque-limiting function lets machine builders set two limits and switch between them to handle applications such as part insertion and pressing

  • 50 to 400 W models in 120 and 240 Vac single-phase and 240 Vac three-phase versions

Omron Electronics LLC
(866) 88-OMRON
Circle 170

Linear guides

LG linear guide ball bushings offer high accuracy, smooth motion, and high load capacities.

Features & benefits

  • Dimensionally interchangeable with linear bushings; outer tube has same OD as a linear bushing

  • Outer tube diameter from 8 to 15 mm with tolerances from 0 to -0.011; outer tube lengths from 12 to 30 mm with tolerances from 0 to -0.2; shaft ODs from 4 to 8 mm

  • Rotation-prevention function (four rows of circular arc grooves on shaft) ensures precise movement; circular arc groove design boosts load-carrying capability

THK America Inc.
(847) 310-1111
Circle 171

Data converter

Hart Loop Converter (HLC) accesses digital information from Hart-enabled (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) field devices to make it accessible to the analog side of control.

Features & benefits

  • Converter is both a transmitter power supply and Hart monitor; up to three Hart signals can be monitored simultaneously and provided as independent 4-to-20-mA analog signals

  • Able to access monitoring and control functions for the production-control system without additional wiring or interference with existing analog communications infrastructure

  • Built-in display and keypad for status indication and programming; external programming device or PC may be connected via a front side terminal

(330) 486-0002
Circle 172

Cartesian gantries

AGS Series linear-motor Cartesian gantries are optimized for precise contouring.

Features & benefits

  • Motion to 3 m/sec and 5 g; travels to 1.3 × 1.3 m; customizable Z and theta axes for flexible configurations

  • BLM and BLMH series brushless linear servomotors provide smooth motion; dual linear motors and encoders on lower axis offer high performance and precision

  • Noncontact linear encoders, configurable cable management system allows integration of fiber, lasers, cameras, air lines, and more for multiple applications

  • Rugged, noncontact optical linear encoders offer resolutions to 1 nm when coupled with encoder multiplier

Aerotech Inc.
(412) 963-7470
Circle 173

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