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Transducer-quality strain gages

Custom and OEM strain, linear, double-shear, bridge, Karma, and diaphragm gages made to order in batches from $200 or standard in stock.

Features & benefits

  • Dual shear gage SGT-2d/350M-SY41 from $3.70, Constantin foil, 5 µm thick, polyimide carrier, 350 Ω resistance

  • Linear gage SGT-L3I/350I from $1.45, 20 µm thick, 0.75 × 0.75-mm grid, 2.75 × 2.75-mm polyimide carrier

  • T rosette gage SGT-2/350-XY41 from $3, 20 µm thick, 1.6 × 1.8-mm grid, 4.9 × 5.8-mm polyimide carrier

  • Additional units available from stock delivery; accessories include bridge balancing, zero-temperature compensation resistors in nickel or Constantin with 2 to 5 Ω; other foils for 10 to 60 Ω, encapsulated or open face

  • Bondable terminal pads from $0.03 per pair; BTP, BTPB, BTPD, BTPC, BTPE available

Omegadyne Inc.
(800) 872-3963
Circle 160

Chains and sprockets

Chain drives manufactured to ANSI specifications, and teeth are machined after chain rows are in place for longer life.

Features & benefits

  • High carbon steel, no “A” plates on multiples or inserted finished hub design; runout and side wobble are minimal, within tolerance

  • Extended and 24-hour service and engineering support

Martin Sprocket and Gear Inc.
(817) 258-3000
Circle 161

Heavy-duty encoder

MR316 ZapFREE heavy-duty fiber optic rotary encoder is designed for harsh and hazardous environments.

Features & benefits

  • For use in ATEX-type Group I/II hazardous locations, 90-mm encoder housing, large 12-mm shaft, heavy-duty bearings and IP66 shaft seals

  • Remote encoder link up to 1,000 m, extended temperature option for -60° to 150°C

  • System offers combination of incremental encoder, multiturn absolute position sensor, and tachometer

Micronor Inc.
(805) 499-0114
Circle 162

Electric clutches

Electric clutches are designed to mount right onto an engine shaft and take the vibration and temperature from small gas or diesel engines.

Features & benefits

  • Can either drive components directly or through a belt

  • A variety of stock pulleys available; custom design service as well

Ogura Industrial Corp.
(732) 271-7361
Circle 163

Backlash free couplings

SKF-5000 backlash-free torque limit couplings accommodate more than double the torque of older models.

Features & benefits

  • Array of torque-limiting elements, limiter handles torques to over 4,000 lb-ft; transmittable and disengagement torque is dependent on the clutch's OD as well as the number of torque-limiting devices used

  • Unlike conventional limiters, can be reengaged through tightening of screws instead of with hammer

R+W America
(630) 521-9911
Circle 164

Linear magnetic encoders

LM10 linear encoder offers value and up to 100 m measuring length.

Features & benefits

  • Solid-state, noncontact design, IP68 readhead rides at 0.1 to 1.5 mm standoff over self-adhesive magnetic strip scale; 5 µm resolution at 20 m/sec and 1 µm at 4 m/sec positioning

  • Integral setup LEDs, wide installation tolerances; scale is available either “cut to length” or in lengths of up to 100 m

  • IP68, 20° to 85°C; velocity to 25 m/sec at sinusoidal output; digital models to 25 m/sec for 100, 50, and 10-µm resolution

Renishaw Inc.
(847) 286-9953
Circle 165

Linear modules and actuators

eCKK and eCKR Compact modules offer maintenance-free operation through lubricated bearings, integrated stepper motor with positioning control, configurable 3D CAD generator, and hybrid eLINE ball rail guideways.

Features & benefits

  • Easy programming and startup, available in both ball screw-driven (eCKK) and belt-driven (eCKR) versions, in profile sizes of 90 and 110 mm

  • Integrated eLINE Ball Rail hybrid guideways combine weight advantages of Al with toughness of hardened steel inserts; higher moment, load capacities than single-rail solutions

Bosch Rexroth Corp.
(800) 322-6724
Circle 166

Couplings for high-stress applications

CD Couplings are suitable for use with fixed displacement hydraulic pumps driven by servomotors.

Features & benefits

  • Pump systems utilize power and precision of servomotors … pressure is controlled by modulating pump output volume with high-performance controls and CD shaft coupling

  • Composite material withstands punishment and stress of servomotor; single flex models torque-capacity range from 40 to 1,436 Nm and beyond with speed ratings from 4,400 to 17,000 rpm

  • Environmentally friendly and RoHS compliant

Zero-Max Inc.
(800) 533-1731
Circle 167

Gearmotors, motors, speed control

A new line of 12 V PMdc gearmotors, motors, and dc motor speed control is available for low voltage, battery powered, remote location, or solar applications.

Features & benefits

  • 12-V PMdc gearmotors and motors available in 24A and 33A frame sizes; hp from 1/50 to 1/8 hp; able to generate up to 310 lb-in. torque; custom models available

  • Type WPM-12 Vdc speed control is suitable for applications that require basic, single-direction speed control

  • PWM speed control provides cool motor operation, long brush life, low noise, and wide speed range

Bodine Electric Co.
(773) 478-3515
Circle 168

Heavy-duty linear thrusters

T4 Thrusters offer ultra smooth actuation and twice the static load-carrying capability of T series thrusters.

Features & benefits

  • Black anodized body, precision recirculating ball bearings

  • Four guide shafts double load-carrying capacity of previous models and reduce deflection

  • Available in 2, 2.5, and 3-in. bores; standard stroke lengths of 1 to 12 in. increments; strokes up to 36 in. also available

  • Air cushions, internal and external bumpers, and magnetic position sensing available as options

Bimba Manufacturing Co.
(800) 442-4622
Circle 169

Integrated servomotors

SM2316D-PLS2 and SM2316DT-PLS2 servomotors are complete servo systems with built-in controller, amplifier, and encoder.

Features & benefits

  • Higher encoder resolution (4,000 cpr) offers smoother velocity and tighter position control than previous models

  • Enhanced trajectory overshoot braking functions stop large loads quickly

  • High-speed position capture input enables < 5 msec registration

  • SM2316DT-PLS2 delivers more than 200 W continuous shaft power

Animatics Corp.
(408) 748-8721
Circle 170

Digital torquemeters

MCRT 86000V and 87000V series bearingless digitial torquemeters tolerate rotor to stator misalignments of 1 in. axially and 0.3 in. radially.

Features & benefits

  • Mechanical overload ratings of 400%; 0.05% accuracies; 300% electrical overrange

  • Full scale ranges from 50 to 10,000 Nm available

  • Analog, frequency, and digital outputs

  • High immunity to EMI noise, ISM emitters, and closely spaced similar meters; rated for use with variable frequency drives

S. Himmelstein & Co.
(847) 843-3300
Circle 171

IP67 limit switches

MP730 through MP760 sealed limit switches connect through an M12×1 connector to maintain IP67 protection.

Features & benefits

  • Can be mounted on the side, bottom-mount option also available

  • Metal housing, 5-pin connector, or plastic housing and 4-pin connector

  • Mounting holes either 20 or 25 mm apart for installation flexibility; actuator options

  • Conform to IEC 947-5-1 and EN 60 947-5-1

Microprecision/Wilbrecht LEDCO Inc.
(888) 323-8751
Circle 174

Non-stiction air cylinders

Airpel non-stiction air cylinders now include a position sensing option: non-contact electronic switching sensors from Sick Inc., using giant magneto resistive (GMR) technology.

Features & benefits

  • For electrical output of piston position, most Airpel models are offered with optional switch-activating magnets on the piston, plus one or more optional aluminum tracks attached to the cylinder

  • Tracks designed for easy mounting of the GMR position sensors

  • Sensors operate at 10 to 30 Vdc with repeatability less than 0.2 mm

  • PNP or NPN output; extension cables available in 2 and 5 m lengths

Airpot Corp.
(800) 848-7681
Circle 172

Compact linear actuator

Motorized linear actuator LSMA-160-300 provides precision travel up to 300 mm and is driven by a brushless servo or stepper motor with a precision-ground ballscrew.

Features & benefits

  • Low profile, high stability, compact design

  • Resolution to 0.1 µm; load capacity to 10 kg

  • Table height 37 mm; straightness of 5 µm

Intellidrives Inc.
(215) 728-6804
Circle 173

Integrated motor and driver

The MDrive line now offers a quad stack NEMA size 23 brushless 1.8° stepping motor that delivers speed-torque comparable to a single stack NEMA 34, but with a 33% smaller footprint.

Features & benefits

  • MDrive23Plus with quad stack motor capable of full (256 × 200) microstepping with a 12 to 60 Vdc integrated driver

  • Three versions available: Microstepping with step and direction input, Motion Control with intelligent programmable controller, and Speed Control with velocity controller

  • Operating range of -40° to 85° C

  • Options include encoders, planetary gearboxes, startup kits, and cables

Intelligent Motion Systems Inc.
(860) 295-6102
Circle 175

Torque motors

TMK high speed, iron core torque motors feature a new electromagnetic design that increases continuous torque by 30% and speed up to 350% over classical torque motors.

Features & benefits

  • Available in 12 sizes; external diameter from 198 to 385 mm; peak torque to 2,240 Nm

  • Maximum rated speed to 5,170 rpm; increased resistance to dirt and oil

  • New motor design increases torque as a result of a flux-concentrating structure; laminated rotor structure and optimized rotor teeth increase speed

(847) 519-3380
Circle 176

Linear guides

The HA Series of high-accuracy linear guides provides high motion accuracy, rigidity, load capacity, and improved dust resistance.

Features & benefits

  • High motion accuracy is achieved through the use of ultralong ball slides in both narrow and wide ranges; unique design of the guide's ball-recirculation components permits smooth ball movement and minimal passage vibration

  • Number of balls in the unit have been increased to improve rigidity, load capacity, and friction

  • Rail deflection is reduced through increased counterbore depth of the rail-mounting hole

NSK Precision America
(800) 255-4773
Circle 177

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