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New Products | Nov 2009

Helical gearbox

Designed for 24/7 operation, the miniature RW5 gearbox consists of a CNC-machined aluminum-block housing, dual bronze bearings for shaft support, stainless-hardened single-piece worm/input shaft, and stainless output shaft.

Features & benefits

  • • 12 lb-in. torque rating; 1:1 to 4:1 ratios; 5,000-rpm input speed

  • Suitable for food machinery, semiconductor processing, packaging machinery, and medical/diagnostic equipment

Rino Mechanical Components Inc.
(888) 260-7466
Circle 160

Smart camera

BOA vision system integrated smart camera for single-point inspection includes all elements of industrial machine vision for automated inspection applications.

Features & benefits

  • Multiple processing engines for algorithm optimization via DSP, application management via CPU, and sensor management via FPGA; embedded application software easily set up through standard web browser

  • No version control problems or software

  • 44 mm cube form factor suitable for tight-fit applications; IP67-rated housing

Dalsa Corp.
(978) 670-2000
Circle 161

Pneumatic components

The NITRA line of pneumatic components now includes additional fittings and valves for use with polyurethane and nylon tubing.

Features & benefits

  • ME and MS fittings include two additional elbows with #10 to 32 threads; new sizes include 5/32 and ¼ in.

  • MEL series includes two additional long male elbow fittings; the 5/32 and ¼ in. fittings feature #10 to 32 threads

  • MSR series fittings are push-to-connect male straight round; in 10 sizes, to ¼ in. and 4 to 6 mm; nickel-plated brass fittings with internal hex socket, stainless claws, Teflon thread sealant

  • HVU three-way hand valves in seven sizes to ½ in. and 6 to 12 mm; valve blocks upstream pressure, vents downstream pressure

  • CVU series union check valves range from 5/32 to 3/8 in. and 6 to 8 mm; valves allow airflow in one direction and block it in reverse

Automation Direct
(800) 633-0405
Circle 162

Powerful stepper motors

The design and control of five new NEMA 34, 86-mm-flange stepper motors provides high-precision, cost-effective positioning without an encoder system.

Features & benefits

  • 4.0 to 13.6 Nm holding torque; 80MPH Series 86-mm-flange stepper motors and 80MPD 56-mm-flange motors among most powerful motors with regard to holding torque and length

  • Due to aluminum housing, motors conduct heat with lowest possible thermal resistance, reducing motor heating and increasing bearing lifespan; close-fitting seals prevent oil loss. prevent dirt penetration

B&R Industrial Automation Corp.
(770) 772-0400
Circle 163

Encoders for PROFINET

OPTOCODE rotary encoders with PROFINET IO interfaces are now certified for IRT (isochronous real-time) data transfer protocols.

Features & benefits

  • Encoders support RT and NRT (real-time/non-real-time) data transfers

  • Unit parameters set via control system with GSDML device file to enable easy configuration; bootloader enables firmware updates via FTP

  • Existing Profibus systems can be easily migrated to PROFINET IO because the device profile management has been retained

  • Compact encoders (58 mm in diameter) don't require a connection cap, terminating resistors, or switches for address allocation

  • Multi-turn versions can register up to 16,384 revolutions (214), for a total measuring range of 30 bits

(609) 750-8705
Circle 164

Numerical MATLAB toolkit

Mark 22 NAG Toolbox can now access 1,415 tested numerical routines in the Mark 22 Release of the multipurpose NAG Toolbox for MATLAB.

Features & benefits

  • Designed for mechanical engineers; allows migration of prototype code from MATLAB to final production code in advanced programming languages such as C or FORTRAN, while still using same algorithms

  • More than 12 MATLAB-based examples of programming for optimization problems, simulations, time-series analyses, and other functions for mechanical engineering research; available for both Linux and Microsoft Windows; free trial versions available

  • Improves maximum likelihood estimates where sample size is small and where ordinary algorithms perform poorly

Numerical Algorithms Group Inc.
(630) 971 2337
Circle 165

Cable carriers

Rol-E-Chain cable carriers have built-in wheels to facilitate travel over long distances, such as on a crane.

Features & benefits

  • Wheels are integrated into the cable-carrier's side links and reduce friction, making longer travel, heavier loads, and faster speed applications possible

  • Reduce friction and travel more than 2,600 ft at speeds up to 32.8 fps

  • Drive power is reduced by more than 25%; resistant to harsh conditions, such as thick dirt

igus Inc.
(800) 521-2747
Circle 166

High-efficiency motor

The HP Series motor combines ac-induction motor technology with that of brushless permanent-magnet motors for a 50% reduction in frame size and weight, and 80% energy savings.

Features & benefits

  • Lower stator currents generate lower losses that reduce winding and bearing temperatures; low temperature rises eliminate the need for a cooling fan and allow higher running speeds and longer bearing life

  • For continuous-duty applications

  • 0.75 to 2.2 kW single-phase power ratings and three-phase supply versions of 0.75 to 22 kW in both 50 and 60 Hz applications; available with built-in drive or as a standalone unit

Lafert North America
(800) 661-6413
Circle 167

Stainless-steel gear reducers

Stainless-steel worm gear reducers come in six sizes with ratings to 17 hp.

Features & benefits

  • Single and double-reduction units with ratios from 5:1 to 3,600:1

  • Polished 316 stainless-steel housing and covers, 303 stainless-steel output shaft, double-lip Viton seals

  • Worms are cut, heat-treated, ground, and polished for efficient, quiet operation; lubed-for-life units eliminate oil changes; Enviroseal pressure-compensating system makes the unit vent-free and sealed-for-life

Leeson Electric - Grove Gear
(262) 377-8810
Circle 168

Epoxy for high temperature

Developed after years of research, Master Bond EP46HT-1 extends the limits of epoxy adhesive/sealant formulations.

Features & benefits

  • Operates in -100° to 550° F; withstands intermittent exposure to 600° F

  • Glass transition temperature exceeds 235° C; resists severe thermal cycling

  • Easy to apply, cures rapidly at elevated temperatures; 100% reactive; contains no solvents or diluents

  • Strength, dimensional stability, and superior chemical resistance; adhesion to metals, glass, vulcanized rubbers, and most plastics

  • Hardened system is an electrical insulator; applications range from downhole oil drilling to turbo compressors and satellite modules

Master Bond Inc.
(201) 343-8983
Circle 169

Digital readout

The Quadra-Chek ND 1300 digital readout (DRO), designed for 2D measurement, features a cutting-edge video system.

Features & benefits

  • Enhanced color touchscreen interface; optical and video edge-detection systems for measuring microscopes, optical comparators, and video systems

  • Serial and USB ports for use with printers and networks; a video option allows simple connection of video cameras with S-Video or composite interfaces

Heidenhain Corp.
(847) 490-1191
Circle 170

Miniature optical encoder

The Mercury II 5000 miniature, high-resolution optical encoder is designed for next-generation precision manufacturing, inspection, metrology, and medical equipment.

Features & benefits

  • ±20 nm short-range accuracy (cyclic error), programmable 5 µm to 1.2 nm linear resolution, programmable interpolation, ±2° rotational tolerance about the Z axis, and ±0.15 mm ride-height tolerance

  • A-quad-B output provides up to 5 m/sec at 0.1 µm resolution and 10 m/sec maximum speed; adhesive-mount PurePrecision tape scale system handles requirements for an index that can be placed anywhere.

  • Installers cut required length from a reel; adhesive backing and an application tool do the rest; linear glass scales handle applications requiring high long-range accuracy to ±1 µm

  • Bidirectional index provides 1 LSB repeatability at all speeds, while fail-safe left and right optical limits enhance safety and reduce cabling

MicroE Systems
(781) 266-5750
Circle 171

Linear actuator

MotoDrive PDE captive linear actuator, available in size 17 single or double stack, comes with an integrated chopper drive for precision motion-control applications.

Features & benefits

  • Output force of 50 lb for single stack, 78 lb for double stack version

  • Allows self-contained linear actuator unit with an antirotation device guiding a splined output shaft; suitable for shorter stroke lengths (to 2.5 in.)

  • Microstepping of 200 to 12,800 steps/rev; 12 to 42 Vdc

  • Square-wave pulse sets actuator speed; 5 Vdc high or low signal sets direction; optically isolated inputs

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc.
(203) 756-7441
Circle 172

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